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Mike Uy

Mike Uy is a 3rd-ish year studying Mechanical Engineering at Akron. He did not participate in any sports in high school but decided to start running marathons one day. Then, marathons got too easy. Swimming was not Mikes strong suit so he decided to join the Tri club. 

Leland Hoffman
Leland Hoffman is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at Akron. He is from Cincinnati where he swam and ran for all four years of high school. He decided to join the Tri club to continue those hobbies. 
AJ Senick

AJ is a sophomore at Akron studying Economics and Political Science. He wrestled and played football and Independence high school all four years. He became involved with triathlons at the beginning of his freshman year.

The Akron Triathlon Club is a club sport at the University of Akron. We are a community of student triathletes of all different ability levels. 

About Us

Victoria Luma

Victoria Luma is a sophomore at Akron studying Dietetics and Nutrition. She was a part of the swim team in high school for four years and captain her senior year. She has competed in a few triathlons in high school and decided to continue them at Akron. 

Drew Casey

Drew Casey is an upcoming sophomore in biology pre optometry. He played football and baseball, ran cross country, and bowled. Drew hadn't competed in triathlons before in high school, but wanted to try something new in college. 

John Edwards

John is a junior studying economics. In high school he participated in swimming and track. John did not have any previous triathlon experience before joining the club but joined because of his swimming background​, his semi professional rock climbing experience, and his inspiration for Drake. 

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